Tooth (dental) implants are titanium screws intended to replace missing teeth, a surgical component that is fixed to the bone of the jaw, providing support to tooth replacements such as dental crowns, bridges and prostheses and it plays a role of an orthodontic anchor.

Implants are permanent and aesthetically the best replacement for a missing tooth, providing a long-term and most frequently a lifelong solution for tooth replacement. Traditional dental bridges normally require periodical replacement, most commonly within several years.

In our institution we use high quality titanium implants provided by certified manufacturers with quality assurance certification and a success rate that exceeds 95 %. Our team of experts keeps abreast of the latest developments in dental implantology and, due to continuous education, we are able to provide the optimal solution to meet the requirements of all our patients.

Dental implants can be used as a replacement for one or more teeth or for all the teeth in one or both jaws.

Schematic presentation of a possible solution in the absence of one tooth

Schematic presentation of a possible solution in the absence of more teeth

Schematic depiction of missing all teeth


A fixed bridge on titanium screws fixed on 4 specifically placed implants. The idea behind the overall work is to extract all the remaining bad teeth upon the first visit and subsequently implants are placed. Then a fixed bridge is temporarily placed in your mouth only to be replaced with a permanent one after 3 months.


The advantages of all-on-6 implants compared with removable prostheses are identical as in case of all-on-4 concept, yet all-on-6 is considered as a more luxurious option. It includes a full reconstruction of one or both jaws. It is a very frequent method of choice among our patients as a permanent and effective solution.